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What Wedding Planners Tend to Forget

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and there are many details to consider when organizing this special day. Wedding planners play a crucial role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from coordinating vendors to managing the timeline of events. However, even the most experienced wedding planner can overlook certain important details. In this blog post, we'll discuss what wedding planners tend to forget is important.

Communication with the Venue

It's important for wedding planners to establish clear communication with the venue coordinator or manager. This includes discussing the setup of the event space, the availability of electrical outlets, and any restrictions or guidelines the venue may have. Failure to communicate with the venue can result in last-minute changes or unexpected expenses.

Guest Accommodations

While wedding planners may focus on the wedding ceremony and reception, it's essential to remember that guests may need accommodations. This includes arranging hotel room blocks, providing transportation to and from the venue, and even arranging for a babysitter or pet sitter.

Emergency Kit

Even with the most meticulous planning, emergencies can happen on the day of the wedding. Wedding planners should prepare an emergency kit containing items like stain removers, sewing kits, and band-aids to address any last-minute mishaps.

Contingency Plans for Bad Weather

Wedding planners must always have a backup plan for inclement weather. This may include reserving an indoor space or tent rental for the ceremony or reception.

Timeline and Logistics

It's essential to create a detailed timeline and logistics plan for the wedding day. This includes scheduling the arrival times of vendors, managing the flow of events, and ensuring that all aspects of the wedding are executed smoothly.

Photography Shot List

Wedding planners should work with the photographer to create a shot list for the day. This ensures that all important moments, such as the first kiss and the cutting of the cake, are captured on camera.

In conclusion, wedding planners play a vital role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the big day. However, it's essential to remember the details that may be overlooked, such as clear communication with the venue, guest accommodations, and contingency plans for bad weather. By keeping these important details in mind, wedding planners can help make the wedding day an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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